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20-twenty Studio is a professional recording studio located in Singapore which features the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools with different acoustic rooms to suit the vast array of musical instruments and vocals. Music is our passion and we focus on making big sound in an intimate setting.
32bit Recording Studio
Acoustic Room
Acoustic Room 2
Drum / Percussion Room
Acoustic Room
Acoustic Room 2
Drum Room

Being in the music industry since 2000, Ross' versatility ranges from live-sound engineering to studio-sound engineering and music production. As a former sound supervisor with the Esplanade, he has been exposed to various international musical productions, concerts and festivals.

Ross believes in the quality of production and will never settle for anything less. Hence in 2003, 20-twenty Recording Studio was founded, fully equipped with state of the art recording equipments and cautiously designed rooms to bring the best out of the sound of all music genres.

Some of his good Portfolio :

'Singing in the Rain' (World Tour Production)

'Saturday Night Fever' (World Tour Production)

'Lion King Disney' (Sigapore Tour Production)

'Wicked' (Australian Tour Production)

Big Day Out - Australia (Gold Coast)

Womad Festival


F1 Singapore


Singapore Arts Festival

Singapore River Festival

Singapore Jazz Festival

Gilles Peterson Worldwide Festival

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